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Ashtray Air Purifier

Ashtray Air Purifier

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Product information :
Function: negative ions, except PM2.5 and second-hand smoke.
Working principle: negative ions, HEPA technology.
Noise: 36-45db(dB)
Air flow of air purifier: 50 cubic meters/hour
Power supply mode: USB
Product specif ications: Chinese Smart Edition, English Smart Edition, Japanese Smart Edition, Chinese Regular Edition, English Regular Edition and Japanese Regular Edition.

Product features:
1. Built-in 1500W negative ion;
2. Exquisite ceramic cylinder, easy to clean;
3. High-quality blower;
4. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, 4000mhA, battery life of 5 hours;
5. Built-in HEPA filter;
6. It can be used for home, business and high-end atmosphere.
Harmful gases such as secondhand smoke, smog, formaldehyde, pollen, allergens, etc. are purified by hepa filter, negative ions and activated carbon.

Size Information:
Product size: diameter 160*10mm

Packing list:
Air purifier *1, USB cable *1, instruction manual *1

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